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It Makes No Sense…

People are obviously not paying attention. I am still receiving messages accusing me of stealing Lola’s photos.

I posted a statement regarding the matter not long ago to try to clear things up.


I find it strange that people would think that I am going to the trouble of stealing these photos to post them on here when I often reblog photos that other people have posted (would I not steal those too if I am such a kleptomaniac?).

I have stated that I do not steal Lola’s photos, I have explained that I have found some photos on other blogs and websites (publicly available) and a few were sent to me.

I still have a small number of photos that I have not seen on the internet (yet), but I am now reluctant to post them as I suspect that I will again be bombarded with complaints, insults and accusations.

There is a chance that I will decide not to post any more photographs until I have seen them elsewhere first. Although there is a possibility that I could then be accused of stealing them from wherever it is that they are previously posted. For now, I will continue to reblog other people’s posts as there is no chance of being accused of anything by doing that.

My apologies to those who have been following and enjoying the posts so far. It’s a shame that some people like to ruin things for others.

Did u know the real "Lola Pumpkin" is launching their full website again? They will post that this is tumblr is an imitation of them, & also have a video welcome message from Lola 4 the website. Also they obtained ur IP and u will be banned from the site which will have rarest private pix given by Lola. thought u might like to know. Some fans noticed u steal Lola's pics and now you steal Lola pumpkins name to make ppl think you are them,and sent the real Lola Pumpkin the info. she will also put

Thanks for the info.

I didn’t actually steal anything, the name is a combination of Lourdes’ nick name and the name of a boat that her mother (Madonna) once owned.

If somebody else has used this name previously, I am unaware of that. But I will happily post a notice on this Tumblr stating that I am not associated with them if they would like that. They are free to contact me as you have done. Do you know them? If so, maybe you could suggest that they message me.

As for the suggestion that I “steal Lola’s pics”; I have already addressed this matter in a post not too long ago. Feel free to give it a read:



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